• Antarctica continent, located entirely in the southern hemisphere, is the fifth largest continent in the world. This is the only continent in the world where no person lives permanently. It is also called white continent because a thick layer of snow always remains above it. white continent?

Antarctica Continent population – no person lives permanently

Antarctica Continent latitude

Antarctica continent extends from 75 ° south latitude to south pole (90 ° south latitude). This continent is surrounded by the dark ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Its nearest land is the far south of South America, Capehorn, 990 km from it. is far.

The Antarctic Peninsula (Palmer Peninsula), a part of Antarctica, extends towards the Capehorn in South America.

• It is also called ‘continent dedicated to science’. India has established Dakshin Gangotri in 1983-84 and Maitri stations in 1989 for research here.  Bharat Research Center Bharti has also been established here.

• In 1911 Ronald Amundsson of Norway was the first person to reach the South Pole.

• The Queen Mod mountain range divides the continent into approximately two equal parts. The Erbus Peak is the only active volcano here. The Palmer Peninsula is the only terrain that is somewhat free from snow.

Lichen and moss (tundra flora) are the main vegetation here. Around this icy continent is the South Ocean. The continent receives strong cold winds throughout the year which are called ‘blizzards’. Here it is 6 months day and 6 months night.

• Trans Antarctic Mountains   :

A large mountain range buried under an ice sheet in the middle of the Antarctic continent.

• The Visenmessif peak on the south part of the Palmer Peninsula is 5140 meters high. Mount Elbrus is the Ross Sea and the Waddle Sea on either side of the volcano.

• Climate: Antarctica is a continent of extremely cold climate. The average temperature here is always below freezing point. The lowest temperature in the world has been marked as minus (-) 95 ° C during the winter season.

Antarctica Continent Season

The winter season lasts from May to August and the summer season from November to February. There are continuous days from September to February and night continuously from March to August.

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