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Insurance Policy

Min. Age/

Policy Term






Dayinsure learner Driver Insurance

17 years

2 Hours to 5 months



Tempcover Short Term Car Insurance

18 Years

1 Hour to 28 Days



Dayinsure Short Term Car Insurance

19 Years

1 houe to 30 Days



Sterling Short – Term Car Insurance

21 Years

1 day to 30 Days



Safely Insured Short Term Car Insurance

19 Years

1 day to 84 Days



Cuvva Short Term Car Insurance

19 Years

1 hour To 28 Days



Goshorty Short Term Car Insurance

18 Years

1 hour to 28 Days



How to find cheap one day car insurance pilicy

1 day auto insurance can be a cheap and useful option if you only have to travel for 1 day or for a few hours, then you can use one day car insurance.

One day car insurance can prove to be cheap and useful if you have to get a car insurance for a short period of time then it saves your annual insurance expenses.

One day general liability insurance can be cheaper and useful than annual insurance.

You can get auto insurance for a day from 1 hour to 28 days.

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Should I choose normal Insurance or 24-hour car insurance policy?

If you want to use the car for only 24 hours, then you should take business insurance for one day one day car insurance instead of annual car insurance.

If you cancel the annual car insurance policy, then you have to pay an additional charge of 70 to 100.

In its option, you will be cheaper to buy one day auto insurance policy.

How much does a day insurance policy for car cost?

car insurance for a day (one day auto insurance) The cost depends on many factors like your age, driving experience etc.

If you are younger then you will have to pay more than the old driver.