Ocean of the World

Ocean of the World GK For  SSC, Bank Exam

There are five oceans on Earth – Pacific, Atlantic, Hind, Arctic and Antarctic oceans

Pacific Ocean

• It is the largest and deepest ocean in the world. Its area is 165 million square km. is. It has a triangular shape with the Bering Strait in the north and the base on the Antarctica continent.

• On the 1/3 area of ​​the Earth, this ocean is 14880 km from north to south. And 16000 km from east to west. The average depth of the Pacific Ocean is 4572 meters.
• Asia and Australia continent to its west, North and South America to the east and Antarctica continent to the south.

Ocean The northern part of the Pacific Ocean is the deepest. Alusian, Currail, Japan, Benin etc. are some of the famous troughs of this part which have depths ranging from 7000 to 10000 meters. The Mariana Trench is the deepest trough of the Pacific Ocean. The depth of which is 11022 meters. Mindanao trough Atacama and Tonga trough are the other major troughs. Alushian trough (Pacific Ocean) is the longest trough.

• In the north, this ocean is linked to the Arctic Sea by the Bering Strait.

• Major marginal seas of this ocean are Bering, Okhotsk, Japan Sea, China Sea, Sulu Sea, Yellow Sea, Java Sea, Banda Sea, Coral Sea, California Sea, Alusian Sea etc.

Atlantic Ocean

– Its area is 8.22 million sq km. is.
– 1/6 of the total area of ​​the Earth and Pacific
It is 1/2 of the area of ​​the ocean. It is similar to the shape of the English letter S.

On the west it is surrounded by North and South America, and on the east by Europe and Africa. On the south side it extends to the Antarctic continent and on the north it is surrounded by Greenland and Iceland.
This ocean is the widest in the south. It is connected to the Arctic Sea in the far north by the Norwegian Sea, the Denmark Strait and the ‘Davis Bay.

Mid Atlantic Ridge

It extends from Iceland in the north to the Bowett Islands ‘S’ in the south. Its length is about 14400 km. And the height is about 4000 meters. This cuttack in the North Atlantic Ocean is known as the Dolphin Range and in the South Atlantic is known as the Challenger Cuttack.
Between Icelandvskotland, this cuttack is called ‘Vivil Yamson Cuttack’ fishery area: Grand Bank, George Bank, St. Pierre Bank.

• The Bermuda Triangle is located in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Portorico Ghat (8381 m): The deepest trough of the Atlantic Ocean.
– Greenland is the largest island. • The continental immersed coast in this ocean is flat and wide.
• The coastline of Atlantic Ocean is very cut and hence its length is the highest.
– Atlantic Ocean is the busiest ocean in the world in terms of trade.
• Sarangaiso Sea: a region of calm water surrounded by the Canary Stream, the Gulf Stream, and the North Equatorial Currents in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Sea grass (Sargasso) gets collected in such a large quantity in this area – that it is confused with the site as a part of the illusion.

Indian Ocean

– Its area is 735 crore sq km. Which is 20% of the total area of ​​the oceans.
• Indian Ocean is smaller than Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. It is Asia in the north, Africa in the west, Asia in the east, s.c. The island chain of Indonesia is surrounded by Australia and Australia and Antarctica to the south.
It originated after the fragmentation of the Goundwana land. Most of it is spread in the southern hemisphere.
• The average depth of this ocean is 4000 meters.
• Mozambique Channel, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Andaman Sea, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal are some of the marginal seas of Indian Ocean.

Central Indian Ocean Ridge (Central Ridge): It extends from Kanyakumari at the south end of the Indian peninsula in the north to Antarctica in the south.
• Trough: There are very few ocean troughs in the Indian Ocean. The Java or Sunda trough (7450 ​​m) is the deepest.
Lakshadweep and Maldive coral islands near the southwest coast of India are examples.
• The islands of Mauritius and Reunion east of Madagascar are islands originating from the volcanic process.
पूर्वी The eastern region of the Indian Ocean is empty of islands. Madagascar is the largest island in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka and Andaman and Nicobar Islands are other islands of the Indian Ocean.
• In the north, peninsular India divides the Indian Ocean into two parts of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

Aretic Ocean

• 140 million sq km in the Arctic Ocean from Alaska to the Bering Sea in the northern hemisphere. Is detailed in
अधिकांश Most of it is snowflake which is more dense in the intermediate part.
• The expansion of the Arctic Ocean in the circular shape of the North Pole. It is surrounded by Europe, Asia and North America landmarks.
✓ It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the foot of the Pacific Ocean and Greenland by the Bering Strait.
• The Eurasian Basin is the deepest trough in the Arctic Ocean.

South Pole Ocean or Antarctic Ocean

It is an ocean located around the continent of Antarctica.
Its area is about 30 million square km. And the average depth is 3101 meters. In terms of area, it is fourth in the world’s oceans.

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