Major rivers of the world rivers names

The Nile River – the longest river in the world, which flows out of Lake Victoria at the border of Tanzania and Uganda in Africa, flows into Uganda, Sudan and Egypt and falls in the Mediterranean Sea. The Cairo of Egypt and the end of Sudan are situated on this river. The Aswan Dam is built on this river in Miss.

 MCCP Missouri – It falls from the Rocky Mountains in the Gulf of Mexico south of the USA. It is the major river in the USA. It is the longest river in the continent of North America and the third longest river in the world.

interesting facts about rivers in india

                River facts 2020 – all about rivers. What is the longest river?

Amazon (S. America) – Flowing from the Andes mountain range, it flows into Brazil and falls into the North Atlantic Ocean in the north. It is the largest river in the drainage area and the second longest river in the world (6280 km).

Seine River-Paris is situated on this river. It falls in the English Channel.

Rhone River-Geneva is situated on this river. Flows into France and falls into the Gulf of Lion in the Mediterranean.
Atems River – London is located on it. This river, flowing south of England, falls in the North Sea.

Sheen River– Located in Ireland. It falls in the west into the Atlantic Ocean.

Rhine River – flows into Germany and the Netherlands and falls in the North Sea. The cities of Bon, Cologne and Frankfurt are located on its banks.

ALB – originates from the Czech Republic and flows into Germany and falls in the North Sea.

Oder– After leaving the Czech Republic, it flows into Poland and forms the Soma of Germany and falls in the Baltic Sea.

Danube – It is the second largest river in Europe after the Volga River.

The Mackey Black Forest originates in Austria, Malaysia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Romania and falls into the Jala Sea.
Vienna, Budapest, Melgrade, Castislava, Novisad and Bucharest are located on the Danube River. It is the only river to the east that flows east.

River Chiber – River of Italy on which Rome is situated. It rises from the Appanine Mountains and falls in the Mediterranean Sea.
Bisnula River– Polar’s River. Warsaw Rimra is on it. It falls in the Bhastic Sea.

Bolga River – Europe’s largest river which rises from the Valdia Hills’ north of Moscow and falls into the Caspian Sea.

Ural River – After flowing out of the Ural Mountains of Russia, flows into Kazakhstan and falls in the Caspian Sea.
In Nipper-Balles and Ukraine, it falls into the Black Sea. Don-Russia River which falls into the Sea of ​​Ezob.
बob, Nisi and Lina River – These rivers of Russia, which are in the continent of Asia and fall in the Arctic Sea.

• Zaire River (Congo River) – A river bordering the middle line in central Africa. This de Falls in the Atlantic Ocean.
The capital Kinsha in Javre and the Rajdhano Ajiville on the Congo are situated on it. This river is also known as Congo Nado in the last part. Stanley water
Pratap is on this river.

Description of major rivers of the world

Hongho River (Yellow River) – A river in northern China that originates from the shoals called Jaring Gaur and Auring Naur in the eastern part of Kunlun Paia and falls in the Gulf of Godai.
It crosses the wall of China. It is called ‘sorrow of China’ due to excessive hair. Yo Ho Its’ Yangtze Qiang – China’s longest river, which originates from the Pawar of Tibet, falls into the Yellow Sea near Sanghai.

Seikyang River- This river of China originates from the Yunnan Plateau and falls in the South China Sea.
Harayadi – the main river to Marma on which Mandalay Nagar is situated. Is the largest tributary.

Tigris (Tigris) – are the main rivers of Iraq. They fall in the Persian Gulf. Baghdad is located at the confluence of the Tigris River and Basra Tigris Y Euphrates (Euphrates) and Euphrates. .
Mahabeli Ganga- is the main river to Sri Lanka which falls in the Bay of Bengal.

• Shinano River- Japan’s longest river. This river originates from Honshu Island and falls in the Japan Sea.
✓ Han River – The river flowing in South Korea on which the capital of South Korea is located Seoul.

Mekong River- This river originates from the Tibetan plateau and flows into South China, Laos, Myanmar, the Highland, Cambodia and Vietnam and falls in the South China Sea. On its coast lies Laos the capital Vientiane and Cambodia’s capital Nompaneh.

✓ Salvin River – This river originates from the Tibetan plateau in China and falls into the Gulf of Marban in the south of Myanmar.

• Chaofaria River – Thailand’s river on which Bangkok is situated. This river is also called the Rhine River of Thailand.
Minam River – It is the main river of Thailand.

✓ Hudson River – This river flowing east of the USA connects the New York Valley. America’s George Washington Bridge is built on this river that connects New York to the US mainland.

The St. Lawrence River — an important river in the United States — flows to the southeast of Canada. It rises in the North Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, originating from the Pratt Lakes. The city of Montreal is situated on this river.

Rivers of India – interesting facts about rivers in india

Ganges River – Ganges is the longest and most important river in India. The river originates from the Gangotri glacier near Gomukh, north of Kedarnath peak in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand state, here it is known as Bhagirathi.
Then Bhagirathi passes through the middle and small Himalayan ranges, meets the Alaknanda River in Devprayag and after this it is called Ganga.

The source of the Alaknanda River is the Satopath glacier above Badrinath. Dhauli, Vishnunganga, Pindar, Mandakini or Kali Ganga are tributaries of Alaknanda.
The Tehri Dam Project has been constructed in Uttarakhand on Bhagirathi River. The length of the Ganges is 2510 km.

The Ganges enters the plains near Haridwar. It flows in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Vihar and West Bengal.

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