Important facts of computer history

Important facts of computer history

• IBM scientist John Backers in 1957 AD Developed the programming language FORTRAN.
• Committee formed under the chairmanship of Dr. Grace Hopper in the year 1960 Kodasil (CODASYL) has developed high-end Developed special programming language COBOL (COBOL).
• American scientist Thomas Kurts and Dr. John in 1965 Kaimany uses the high-level simple programming language BASIC Developed.

• Annette: US Department of Defense in 1969 AD Scientists connect different computers for research
ARPANET developed computer network did. This world based on packet switching technology
Was the first computer network. Later internet (Internet) developed.

• Apple company founder Steve Jobs in 1976 and
Steve Wozniak built the first personal computer (PC)
did. This marked the beginning of the era of personal computers (PC, s).
• In 1980 AD, BillGates (co-founder of Microsoft Company) operating system for personal computers
(Operating System), M.S. Of DOS (MS-DOS)

• I.B.M. Corporation has its first personal computer
Launched in the market.
• In 1984 AD, the Apple company named Macintosh as a personal Launched in computer market, for the first time in Ghafikal The user interface and mouse were used.

In 1988, Intel called Intel 486 microprocessor Built, which had 10 million transistors. This one 32
Wint was the microprocessor.
In 1991, rules for the use of the World Wide Web were made, due to which To send and receive information on the Internet Standard methods were created. This led to widespread use of the Internet and The path of all-round expansion opened.
Microsoft graphical user interface in +1992 AD Based on your operating system Windows 3.1 Launched in the market.

Important facts of computer history

It was very successful and many such operating Formed the basis for the development of systems. Successively followed by95, Windows 98 and other latest versions were developed.
Currently, the Windows 10 version has arrived.

Characteristics of a computer
K Computer): Very complex work done by computer
(Task) can be done which can be used by humans for efficiency
Can not be done together. The following main characteristics of computer
It makes it very efficient and powerful • Computer under control of given group of instructions
Works intermittently and results on action on data.

* Automation: All computer computing work
And do the data processing work automatically
is. Instructions by entering the data once by the person
After giving it, it does all the remaining work automatically. Therefore
Need of individuals to do work by computer
Remains minimal. This, by its operator
Automatically process according to stored program or instructions
Provides results or outputs as per instructions
is. Hence computer has the property of automation.

• Speed: The first, most important of computers
And the greatest quality is his rapid pace of calculation.
Computers surprisingly high speed without errors
Perform tasks from Work that is done by normal person
In many hours, the same work is done by computer
One finishes in even the smallest part of a second.

Speed ​​of computers gained (10 seconds), astronomy, space research, cooking and finance, traffic,
Microsecond (10 seconds) and nano seconds (10 * Seconds). A powerful computer
Villian calculations are done in seconds. other than this Despite the computer working day and night, it does not work It does not require rest.

• Accuracy: Computer performs its function
(Processing) does not make any errors. It only
Text while typing or playing games on it
Songs can be heard during. Work on a package
During, calculating, drawing, graph, net
Cleaning, emailing etc. tasks to be done
Can. Thus most of the computer sub-lives
It is widely used in works. Now
It is used in education, medicine, industry, scientific,
‘Completes with extreme precision and without error:
is. It is the process of passing data or data
Or incorrect instructions on inputting wrong data
Sends erroneous notifications or results only when delivered.
, Reliability: Computer memory
And purity is very high, due to which All the processes in or about the computer would be reliable
Huh. We secure any data and information in computer
Can get it again after a period. Like this Computers are more reliable than humans because they Repetitive task like a human Never get bored and tired.

• High Storage Capacity:
Computer stores a large amount of data
Can. This is a lot of documents, articles
(artickes), pictures, films
Songs, programs, etc.
Can store in its memory for a long time
Can be used whenever required
Huh. On the other hand, human has few information in his memory
Compiles (retains) most information
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